MISSION: Friends of the Georgetown Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed by a passionate group of volunteers to enhance the lives of shelter animals and to support the shelter’s mission through fundraising events.

Friends of the Georgetown Animal Shelter celebrates a new decade of volunteering and fundraising support for our shelter animals. Our dedicated volunteers and board members formed Friends as a 501(c)(3) in 2010 as a public charity and not-for-profit organization specifically to support the Georgetown Animal Shelter. We hold fundraising events, generate donations, and apply for grants to benefit the shelter animals and staff.

Unexpected costs such as emergency medical treatments may not always be covered in the shelter’s annual budget. Items that can make life easier for both the animals and their human caretakers, such as a cooling mister or extra supplies, are often overlooked when food and medications take precedence. Friends fundraising helps cover costs like these and more!

Our Board of Directors are community members like yourself and are often active volunteers at the shelter. As we develop our Membership and Volunteer programs, we ask you to join us for upcoming fundraising events to help make the lives of our shelter animals better!


Our Board

  • Diane Murray, President
  • Mika Miller, Vice President
  • JoAnna Green, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Hinds, Secretary
  • Debbie Brand
  • Sharon Buford
  • Chanel Chavez
  • Vicki Creel
  • Lucy Mitchum
  • Amber Rainey
  • Mary Treuter
  • Nigel Wingate
  • April Haughey, Animal Services Manager and Ex Officio Director

Board Minutes & Reports


Friends fundraising events bring awareness to the community and have raised tens of thousands of dollars for the shelter in the last decade. Pints For Pups, as well as partnerships with local restaurants continue to be noteworthy events we thoroughly enjoy sharing with our Friends!

As we move forward, our fundraising events will be shaped by both the needs of the shelter and our own membership and volunteers. Organizing activities and entertainment, coordinating sponsorships and other financial support, and bringing an event to the community all take time and effort! Your creative ideas, fundraising thoughts, and determination to support our shelter animals are always welcome!

Join Friends of the Georgetown Animal Shelter today and help us plan our next fundraiser event tomorrow!

Pints For Pups
dogs in attendance 2
mulligans with diane c
Lab Equipment
Lab Equipment
Cat Towers
Cat Towers


Since 2010 Friends has spent tens of thousands of dollars on various items that have benefited the animals. Examples include emergency medical care, awnings and misters for the dog kennels, air conditioning for some dog kennels, surgical tables, medical and dental equipment, professional cat towers and ramps, and various appliances.  Friends also used funds to construct a screened-in patio (catio) where cats can romp and play outdoors in the fresh air, and to construct an indoor room with glass walls where cats can roam freely rather than kept in cages.